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Report MCG Winter 2017 Update

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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to post an update for MCG members on what is happening and where we are at with MCG.

First of all, I wanted to thank everyone who helped make the transition to the new site possible and helped out with the community, it is hard to believe that everything only occurred about 6 months ago, it has been a crazy ride.

You have not seen too many changes on the site over the past couple of months because I am have tied up with my grade studies and a rather intense course I was taking. However, the council did have an update meeting on 10/18/2017 and I am planning out changes for the site/discord over the holiday and into 2018.

Below you will find what was discussed at the meeting, pax 3.0 update, and also a laundry list of items I will be working on in the coming months. I have also includes some personal thoughts in brackets.

As always feedback/suggestions are welcome.

Also, I wanted to wish everyone happy holidays and a happy new year in case I don't get a chance chat with folks before then!

10/18/2017 - Meeting Notes/Minutes

Council Members Present

Fritz - SC Officer
Tigsman - Rift Lead
Volkoff - Repopulation 2nd
Xevrin - ESO & WoW Lead

Due to time/date conflict, other council members were not available and had the chance to post follow up comments to the meeting.


Rift - Tigsman

Building the raid team is ongoing, the division is continuing to proceed content-wise. Rules for recruiting new members have been adjusted. Also recent brought back one of our previous Rectors.

New patch 4.3 with tier 2 content.

Currently, Trion has reduced the lockouts but the grind is still there for Rift. Still, a lot to do in-game for content.

(Xevrin - The regular weekly events have been greast and I see folks from Rift on discord for events all the time, great job folks)

ESO - Xevrin

Still holding regular weekly events. Most are taking place on Friday and Saturday nights. Have had a tough time recently to get enough folks for a trial/raid group. Typically if we don't have enough members on to fill at least 2/3 of a trial group we end up doing dungeons.

Recruitment has been slow, we have had a few members join us over the summer then move on but we are still bringing in a new person once in awhile and have had a number of previous Pax members rejoin. The game is still active and keeps going in waves as new DLCs are released.

(Xevrin update - Recruitment has still been slow for ESO, I have noticed less members online in the last month but we are still holding weekly events and so long as we have half the members needs for a trial we are typically clearing 2 trials per event when they are run.)

The Repopulation - Volkoff

The game is currently being rebuilt from the ground up. At this time division members are floating between games it seems. Hopefully, we will see a timeline by the end of the year for The Repopulation but it is not expected to be released for at least 1 to 2 years at this point.

WoW - Xevrin

There is still casual interest in seeing some kind of an event but no one has stepped forward to help run the division or take it over after a period of time. I have only had offers to help run certain kinds of events like PvP or socials.

I am hoping to set up a casual dungeon night at some point over the next months as my university coursework clears up, there has been some interest in seeing heroics and/or mythics run.

Also setting up passive recruitment seems to have been indicated as a good idea for the division/guild.

(Xevrin Update - I have started scheduling casual dungeon events but there is quite a bit of time/day conflicts between interested parties. I am exploring alternate options and different ideas concerning the division at this time. More to come in the near future)

SC - Fritz

New alpha patch is coming possibly within the next few weeks.

Other Items

What if anything would folks like to see on the webpage at this point?

- Fix MCG banner on front page - priority 1 (Xevrin Update - Banner has been fixed and I will be working on generating an animated logo for MCG in the near future to replace it)

- Review and clean up the tag system

- More than 3 Upcoming events included on homepage/forums page (Xevrin Update - I have adjusted this for the homepage now, I need to include it on the forum page and I am exploring options for Discord to further incorporate a calendar into the Discord server directly)

- Calendar on Forum Page (Xevrin Update - I will be adjusting this within the week)

- Adjust/Change Theme and/or colours (Xevrin Update - I am thinking about holding a poll to see what members would like for a custom color theme for the MCG website, then I will base the animated logo off those colors as well)

- Forum clean up/review/adjustments (Xevrin Update - Will review in an ongoing basis in Q1 2018)

- Further Development of WIKI (Xevrin Update - Yup, this is driving me nuts and I need to finish it)

Future Game/Community Possibilities

Noted during the meeting was that it is currently difficult to have a cohesive community for most games in the current industry with the move towards smaller group/app style of games being developed recently.

- Star Citizen still expected to be 1-2 years before release.
- The Repopulation may be 1-2 years depending on the complete rebuild
- Ashes of Creation, who knows
- Pantheon Rise of The Fallen pre-alpha is starting soon, original plan was for alpha to start near Christmas/early Q1 2018 (Xevrin Update - Pre-Alpha has now begun for this game)
- Project Gorgon is an indie project with a small development team run by a husband and wife.

Discord Text Channel Clean Up? - Xevrin (Xevrin Update - My plans are to clean up ranks for Discord and the options for joining different existing channels as we move into the New Year)

Do we wish to remove certain channels due to disuse such as


(Xevrin Update - Decision on this has not be finalized but expect some changes to channels that are not being used in Q1 2018)

Shortly after the transition to MCG these became disused and/or the group formed their own discord server. Will follow up with other council members about it.


Pax 3.0 Update

I had one or two members ask about the status/update up Pax 3.0. I messaged Sang but have heard nothing back for over a month now.

I also spoke to Rawn and he has heard nothing new as well since everything changed over this past summer.

Unfortunately, I have no other information concerning Pax 3.0 but if I do acquire some I will make sure to post it for those MCG members who are interested.


Xev's goals for 2018

- Refine webpage and Discord server so they are brought fully up to date
- Find ways to intergrate the various means of communicating as a community so they interact more seamlessly
- Revise the appllication to MCG, I noticed there were one or two issues with it
- Provide 2-3 official updates for members throughout the year. (This past year we had one in June and then this one, I would like to have scheduled dates set up for an update to come out so folks know to be expecting them.)
- Keep an eye on developing games and opportunities for new divisions

Whew I think that it is, thanks folks for baring with me though the post. Again happy holidays and if you ever want to chat or provide feedback feel free. You can reach me through the site, Discord, Steam, and Battlenet.

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Thank you for the update and for all your hard work.
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Posted Dec 17, 17
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Thanks for everything, it may be quiet out there but there are folks still watching and listening.

I don't know if it counts as an update or not, but SWTOR seems pretty dead. There are a few people that occasionally log in to PI, but I think PD has merged with another guild. I do hope we still keep PI and PD around, even if empty - so much went in to building them. I hate walking away from equity lol.
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Posted Dec 19, 17
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