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Archoning the Mizu way

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I didn't actually make this spec and I haven't tested all variations, so I can't guarantee this is optimal.

First, the build:

Archon - Flaring Power, Shared Vigor, and Illuminate
Harbinger - Piercing Beam
Arbiter - Galvanic Strike

Main Spam
#show Granite Salvo suppressmacrofailures cast [notactive] Charged Blade cast Ethereal Blast cast Waning Power cast Surging Flare cast Volcanic Bomb cast Earthen Barrage cast Spark Shower cast Flowing Sand cast Patron's Rage cast Granite Salvo

Use this when the rest of your debuffs (listed below) are all cast. This will deal damage and do buffs and debuffs that you don't have to track.

Single Target cleanse spam
#show Purification suppressmacrofailures cast @group01 Purification cast @group02 Purification cast @group03 Purification cast @group04 Purification cast @group05 Purification cast @group06 Purification cast @group07 Purification cast @group08 Purification cast @group09 Purification cast @group10 Purification cast @group11 Purification cast @group12 Purification cast @group13 Purification cast @group14 Purification cast @group15 Purification cast @group16 Purification cast @group17 Purification cast @group18 Purification cast @group19 Purification cast @group20 Purification

AoE Cleanse (and Purge, when you are a 61 Archon.)
#show Cleansing Flames cast @gtae Cleansing Flames

Piercing Beam/Galvanic Strike
#show Piercing Beam suppressmacrofailures cast Legendary Piercing Beam cast Legendary Galvanic Strike

Increase your DPS, 2 30sec buffs. Good for overall DPS, but low priority since it only helps you.

Important abilities:
1hr buffs -
Archon's Bulwark
Lightning Charge

Both provide passive DPS increases. This build does not fully utilize Archon's Bulwark because I don't know how to min-max that.

5 minute buffs, called Auras
Arcan Aegis
Vitality of Stone
Burning Purpose

These are your 3 raid buff Auras. They last only 5 minutes, shorted than many fights. Make sure these don't fall off if you can't cast Legendary Patron's Rage to refresh them. You will have 2 buffs for each one, one with a timer and one without. Kalerts doesn't track the timer properly because of this.

Note: Shared Vigor is Legendary in this build, it will proc automatically when non-archon spells are cast.

Ashen Defense
Crumbling Resistance
Lingering Dust (This appears to be fixed)
Searing Vitality (Technically a DoT and self buff, whatever. This appears to be fixed)

Have each of these on your bar and apply them to each enemy, adds and all. Aside from Lingering Dust and Searing Vitality, these are high priority debuffs

If your raid lead wants Flaring and Lava Field at the beginning of the fight, use Ashen Defense, Crumbling Resistance then Flaring/Lava, then Illuminate. 2 GCDs before cooldowns gives people time to set up their own debuffs and get into position.

Flaring Power
Lava Field

#show Flaring Power cast Flaring Power raid *insert your shout*

#show Lava Field cast @gtae Lava Field raid *insert your shout*

Many people combine their CDs into 1 macro, I don't like that since lag can cause me to double click and there are times when 1 CD is desired, not 2. In our raids, we require you to have an announcement macro of some kind attached to your cool downs. Be simple or be creative, as long as it's clear. Even though the abilities have their own cool downs, anyone who was buffed by these abilities will get a 5 min debuff preventing them from recieving benefit again. Only use these when the raid lead calls, the debuffs are gone -and- your team has time to DPS for more than 20 sec.

Note: Lava Field is a ground AoE. This marker is ONLY for damaging your target and should be cast on the enemy. Allies receive the buff regardless of the ground AoE. Cast @gtae does not work on Malannon and you must target yourself or an ally to drop this during that fight.

Other abilities:
Steadfast Return - Self mana regen, usually only used after death.
Mental Flare - 2min CD to give an ally a 30% mana boost. Cleric healers generally need it.

Pillaging Stone (and how it works with Legendary Illuminate)
L. Illuminate not only debuffs your target, but every time you or an ally strikes that target, you gain a stack of Illuminated Earth (up to 20) Each stack of Ill. Earth increases the damage of your next Pillaging Stone (consuming those stacks.) By casting Pillaging Stone whenever you have 20 stacks (but after you set/refresh debuffs) you will debuff and damage your target.

Recap: Before fight, cast Archon's Bulwark and Lightning Charge. Cast Arcane Aegis, Vitality of Stone, and Burning Purpose right during Ready Check. Once pulled, cast your debuffs (and CDs [b][i]IF[/i][/b] you are using CD at the beginning of the fight) Apply Piercing and Galvanic strike. Cast Pillaging Stone whenever you have 20 stacks of Illuminated Earth and cast spam until you need to refresh debuffs/buffs. If you use Kalerts you should write some to track: Illuminated Earth L. Piercing Beam L. Galvanic Strike Ashen Defense Crumbling Resistance Illuminate At least 1 Aura (since they have the same timer) just to see if you're missing it. Kalert won't handle the timer properly (will show timers sometimes, and won't show others, since it doesn't know which of the two to track. It trades off) [i]Note: My Kalerts are unorthodox and it's honestly just going to be easier to write your own[/i]
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Thank you, Mizu!
Posted Mar 12, 18
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