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Good wardrobe/role add-on?

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Now that Az is 50 on Prime, I need to start making a dps gear-set (my gear choices have been more tanky), so I was wondering if there are any good add-ons for assigning gear sets with roles, to switch gear sets when switching up. (or, if there is a way to do so without an add-on, how to do it)
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Add-on based management
The add-on that most people use for roles (including gear, wardrobe and kalerts) is "ROLES".

Once installed, you can bring up the settings interface in Rift by typing /roles in the chat window. From there you can tie your role to a specific equipment set, wardrobe set, Karuul alert set and/or subset, plus fire off additional macro text.

You also get a roles button on your UI where it shows you the current selected role, and allows via a click and dropdown to switch to a different role and gear.

This handles what you would do using a macro-based system, and consolidates it into a pull-down rather than taking up action bar slots for macros.

Macro-based management
If you're more old school, you can do all of the above as well through macros.

Set your equipment (same as above) using your equipment slots (e.g., put on all of your DPS gear and type in /saveequip 1, then put on all your tank gear and type in /saveequip 2, etc.

Then setup a macro like this one, to switch to your tank role (if it's in your 4th role slot), put on your tank gear (if you have saved it to the saveequip slot 4), and switch to your kalerts:
role 4
loadequip 4
kalert set=2
kalert subset=1
wardrobe 2

You can fancy it up by putting in a say "Switching to tank", etc.
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