Somewhat sorted - either E/W or N/S

Freemarch - 9/10 - Sorted W/E
Freemarch Buzzing Box /setwaypoint 5852, 5145 highest peak behind Meridian
Freemarch Pulsating Box /setwaypoint 5930, 5793 2nd floor behind the crystal tubes
Freemarch Rattling Box /setwaypoint 6139, 4420 inside
Freemarch Humming Box /setwaypoint 6182, 4792 (iron tomb entrance) between the trees root to the right of the portal
Freemarch Whirring Box /setwaypoint 6652, 4463 in the water inside the boat hard to see
Freemarch Tocking Box /setwaypoint 6776, 4663 on the ground below the balcony
Freemarch Ticking Box /setwaypoint 6972, 5309 under bush by the tree on the outside of the fortress
Freemarch Droning Box /setwaypoint 7198, 5327 on top of building
Freemarch Hissing Box /setwaypoint 7306, 5795 on the rock under the waterfall
Freemarch Vibrating Box

Silverwood - 6/10 - Sorted W/E
Silverwood Humming Box /setwaypoint 5665 2822 top of the broken tree, use the tree next to it to reach it
Silverwood Ticking Box /setwaypoint 6118, 2467 behind the rock
Silverwood Rattling Box /setwaypoint 6208 3132 on a branch in the spider cave
Silverwood Hissing Box /setwaypoint 6418, 3029 just below the reward box for the zone puzzle.
Silverwood Buzzing Box /setwaypoint 6541 3002 beneath the balcony between the walls
Silverwood Pulsating Box /setwaypoint 6568 2635 top of the chapel
Silverwood Tocking Box
Silverwood Whirring Box
Silverwood Vibrating Box
Silverwood Droning Box

Stonefield - 10/10 COMPLETE! - Sorted W/E
Stonefield Rattling Box /setwaypoint 4128, 5760 on top of tent
Stonefield Droning Box /setwaypoint 4336, 5611 up mountain
Stonefield Whirring Box /setwaypoint 4853, 5283 on building
Stonefield Vibrating Box /setwaypoint 4854, 4988 up the rock in a small ridge next to some trees.
Stonefield Ticking Box /setwaypoint 4867, 4668 on rock
Stonefield Tocking Box /setwaypoint 5130, 4917 down in cave behind the altar
Stonefield Pulsating Box /setwaypoint 5260, 4780 in cave
Stonefield Buzzing Box /setwaypoint 5475, 5054 small cave, behind rock
Stonefield Hissing Box /setwaypoint 5580, 5204
Stonefield Humming Box /setwaypoint 5912, 4331

Gloamwood - 6/10 - Sorted W/E
Gloamwood Buzzing Box /setwaypoint 4306, 2672 cave in the water behind boxes
Gloamwood Vibrating Box /setwaypoint 4313, 2935 on top of the stone arc
Gloamwood Whirring Box /setwaypoint 4467, 2440 top of building, when you are at the top of the building don't jump, you can walk around the pillars
Gloamwood Droning Box /setwaypoint 4720, 2498 in cave behind root
Gloamwood Humming Box /setwaypoint 4912, 2441 higher than the DD portal on the lowest wooden ledge in the corner. come at it from above
Gloamwood Rattling Box /setwaypoint 5351, 3418 on a mountain
Gloamwood Ticking Box
Gloamwood Tocking Box
Gloamwood Hissing Box
Gloamwood Pulsating Box

Scarlet Gorge - 8/10 - Sorted N/S
Scarlet Gorge Whirring Box /setwaypoint 3790, 2554 on the rock hanging
Scarlet Gorge Hissing Box /setwaypoint 3700, 2725 jump on the beam at the middle of the waterwheel, then jump into an alcove behind the building. Or skirt the edge of the building.
Scarlet Gorge Vibrating Box /setwaypoint 3859, 2944 On ledge under bridge, in a bucket
Scarlet Gorge Droning Box /setwaypoint 4442, 3389 On a ledge behind the waterfall, get there from above
Scarlet Gorge Rattling Box /setwaypoint 3935, 3495 In the cave, in the pot
Scarlet Gorge Pulsating Box /setwaypoint 4170, 3506 on a ledge (drop down from the rock at the top)
Scarlet Gorge Humming Box /setwaypoint 4427, 4847 on top of bridge scaffolding
Scarlet Gorge Ticking Box /setwaypoint 4779, 4080 on the rocks
Scarlet Gorge Tocking Box
Scarlet Gorge Buzzing Box

Scarwood Reach - 9/10
Scarwood Reach Tocking Box /setwaypoint 2583, 3380 thicket of tree in the mountains behind sagespire
Scarwood Reach Hissing Box /setwaypoint 2959, 4238 on giant stump in tree hollow
Scarwood Reach Droning Box /setwaypoint 2970, 3976 go to the top of the tree where the rare is and short drop
Scarwood Reach Whirring Box /setwaypoint 3128, 3235 (Inside Blighted Pit, on table in spinning device)
Scarwood Reach Rattling Box /setwaypoint 3295, 4720 inside hollow log
Scarwood Reach Pulsating Box /setwaypoint 3639, 3821 under stump
Scarwood Reach Humming Box /setwaypoint 3854, 3839 on water tower
Scarwood Reach Buzzing Box /setwaypoint 3713, 3794 top of the mountain
Scarwood Reach Ticking Box /setwaypoint 4052, 4650 climb the tightrope
Scarwood Reach Vibrating Box

Moonshade Highlands - 9/10
Moonshade Highlands Buzzing Box /setwaypoint 5479, 2156 on a tent
Moonshade Highlands Pulsating Box /setwaypoint 5943, 2190 on the column
Moonshade Highlands Droning Box /setwaypoint 6128, 1400 on wheel thing
Moonshade Highlands Tocking Box /setwaypoint 6421, 1193 on a ledge, get there from above (puzzle zone)
Moonshade Highlands Ticking Box /setwaypoint 6483, 1704 (Deep in the lake)
Moonshade Highlands Hissing Box /setwaypoint 6971, 1073 in the window of chapel
Moonshade Highlands Humming Box /setwaypoint 7312, 2067 up on a building
Moonshade Highlands Vibrating Box /setwaypoint 7577, 2150 on the boat
Moonshade Highlands Rattling Box /setwaypoint 7624, 1583 behind a tree at the end of the bridge
Moonshade Highlands Whirring Box

Droughtlands - 8/10
Droughtlands Hissing Box /setwaypoint 7129, 6355 on top of rock
Droughtlands Buzzing Box /setwaypoint 7527, 6894 behind the ruins
Droughtlands Ticking Box /setwaypoint 7661, 6284 hole in tree
Droughtlands Vibrating Box /setwaypoint 7696, 5666 on the top floor of ruins
Droughtlands Humming Box /setwaypoint 7965, 7118 on top of mountain
Droughtlands Droning Box /setwaypoint 7696, 6961 behind altar
Droughtlands Tocking Box /setwaypoint 8388, 7527 in cave
Droughtlands Whirring Box /setwaypoint 8840, 6729 enter tower kill mobs port up jump backwards off the level to middle level it is behind a chest
Droughtlands Rattling Box
Droughtlands Pulsating Box

Iron Pine Peak - 6/10
Iron Pine Peak Whirring Box /setwaypoint 2824 2428 - in the cave
Iron Pine Peak Rattling Box /setwaypoint 3162, 1782 middle of the pool
Iron Pine Peak Droning Box /setwaypoint 3571 2332 - inside cave
Iron Pine Peak Tocking Box /setwaypoint 3822 2169 - near the puzzle
Iron Pine Peak Hissing Box /setwaypoint 4010, 1163 deep in cloudborne caverns (entrance at 4393,1206), located behind a glass/ice wall
Iron Pine Peak Buzzing Box /setwaypoint 4840, 1687 above cave entrance
Iron Pine Peak Humming Box
Iron Pine Peak Vibrating Box
Iron Pine Peak Ticking Box
Iron Pine Peak Pulsating Box

Stillmoor - 10/10 COMPLETE!
Stillmoor Whirring Box /setwaypoint 755, 2698 on doorway
Stillmoor Hissing Box /setwaypoint 1437, 2469 on top of burned building (use glyph of the shalistiri, opie, or the jetpack to obtain easily)
Stillmoor Tocking Box /setwaypoint 1711, 2313 pile of rocks, on the tower before the puzzle
Stillmoor Pulsating Box /setwaypoint 1758, 1881
tillmoor Ticking Box /setwaypoint 1853, 2672 near the death root
Stillmoor Rattling Box /setwaypoint 1901, 3080 behind counter
Stillmoor Humming Box /setwaypoint 1912, 3559 on table
Stillmoor Droning Box /setwaypoint 2019, 1924
Stillmoor Buzzing Box /setwaypoint 2205, 2852 on the roof
Stillmoor Vibrating Box /setwaypoint 2894, 2828

Shimmersand - 10/10 COMPLETE!
Shimmersand Rattling Box /setwaypoint 5055, 5904 top of the ruins
Shimmersand Hissing Box /setwaypoint 6007, 7037 on the mountain
Shimmersand Pulsating Box /setwaypoint 6324, 6869 in a pipe at the end of the bridge
Shimmersand Buzzing Box /setwaypoint 6452, 6759 in cave under table
Shimmersand Ticking Box /setwaypoint 6609, 6934 down in the grate
Shimmersand Humming Box /setwaypoint 6673, 6340 on an awning
Shimmersand Whirring Box /setwaypoint 7538, 7621 in stone window
Shimmersand Vibrating Box /setwaypoint 7608 7101 in the tree on top of the cave
Shimmersand Droning Box /setwaypoint 6091, 7782 top of the tent
Shimmersand Tocking Box /setwaypoint 7804 7255 between two stones like menirs